Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Sweet and Wonderful Husband

I'm missing Justin sooooo much! I haven't seen him in a week! I'm anxiously awaiting seeing him Monday night. He is such an amazing husband. He always helps out so much around the house and is such a good daddy to Reagan. When he's home I rarely have to do the dishes or fold laundry and he always gives Reagan her bath and puts her to bed. Every night when I put her down I miss him so much because it's so sweet to watch him say prayers with her and put her down. He's always doing sweet things for me. Case and point, these are some of the notes and cards I've found or gotten in the mail since he left.

The cylindrical ones were wrapped around cans in the case of Mt. Dews in the fridge. :) One of the cards he mailed before he left. The others he orchestrated with a friend of ours to be mailed on certain days. There were also a bunch of notes left on windows and mirrors for Reagan and I. He's so cute. I don't know when he did all the ones around the house. He's sneaky sneaky. I underestimated his sneakiness. (I can't remember what that's from, but we say it all the time :)) He's so good to me!

I want my husband baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!


Ok, anyway. Day 8 of the 30 days of music is a song you know all the words to.

I picked Stay by Lisa Loeb. I think I was in middle school when this came out and it's still one of my favorite songs to this day. It's a really pretty song. I definitely know all the words to this one!


  1. What a sweet husband you have! Ryan always does bath and bedtime with Olivia too. That's when I can check my blogs! :) I've been enjoying your song posts even though I haven't commented on them. I love the song Stay too...I had that album...on cassette :)

  2. Awh how sweet Justin!!

    LISA LOEB! I had so forgotten about her!

  3. I forgot to add that he also left me and Reagan a note in a song book in "our seats" at the church building :)