Sunday, June 5, 2011

They Should Have Invited Us to the Royal Wedding...

Friday night we had Ladies Night Out. Our hosts asked us to wear hats decorated to match our personalities. It took me a while to figure out what to do, but in my usual crunch time moments of inspiration I got it done. :)

I found a hat that will actually make a really great beach/outside in the sun hat (minus all the junk) at Fred's for $5.00. The things hanging on the hat are little play garden tools, because I like gardening flowers, and crochet hooks. Crochet is probably my favorite hobby right now.

The shells represent my love for the beach. The XBOX controller is for my love of video games.

The flowers are for the aforementioned flower gardening. The jewels because I like shiny things (whether real or fake :) ).

Books because I love to read, glue gun because I love to craft, and a favorite family recipe because I love to cook.

And of course a kind warning that I don't do mornings. :)
When I was explaining all of my hobbies and got the the video games the ladies giggled. I said, "I know I'm a bit all over the place with my hobbies. I'm either an older lady or a teenage boy." lol

Ms. Dorris's hat cracked me up. She used a cut up shoe box, taped pill bottles to the front, and added a bow. She called it her pill box hat. :)

Mrs. Cynthia works at the county clerks office so she borrowed a license plate and turned it into a hat. She and I tied for 2nd place when we voted for our favorite hat.

Mrs. Elaine's hat had battery powered Christmas lights. :) There were lots of good ones I don't have room for, but if we're facebook friends they are on there.

Mrs. Irene won for best hat. It was great.

On the back it says, "Senior Citizens Special, by Senior Citizens, Inc." Good stuff.

We had an AWESOME time. We ate, talked, laughed, planned, prayed, sang, and heard from God's word. The singing was so beautiful. We have a great bunch of ladies at Ripley church of Christ!