Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Halloween! :)

I've been away a while, I know. Sorry. :)

On to the subject at hand...

I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!! I love the colors, costumes, candy, creepiness, but most of all...the decorations!!! I'm so excited about my mantel this year!


Mom, Reagan and I went to the Reelfoot Craft Fair a couple of weeks ago and I saw these awesome Halloween apothecary bottles. They were $10 a piece. No thanks. But I took a good look at them and figured I could come up with something similar. Here are some of my results.

Aren't they awesome!?!?!? (And how cool is that skull I got at Big Lots?)

I used bottles and jars my mom and I already had laying around our houses. The covered bottles were made by using some old cut up t-shirts of Justin's. I brewed them in some tea to dirty them up, then wrapped them around the bottles using decoupage glue to hold it on. I covered the tops as well and then wrapped some jute gardening twine I had around them. The colored liquids are just water and food coloring. The moon dust is sugar and iridescent glitter. The only things I had to buy for the bottles were the spiders and gummy eyeballs that filled the jars and some green food coloring. The super awesome labels came from Love Manor. The labels are available here. You can download them from their flickr stream and print them on your own printer. How awesome is that?

I also made the wreath with a sign I already had and a wreath form and floral mesh I bought at the craft fair.

I love my mantle so much!!! I'm really excited at how well it turned out. I wanted it to be spooky, but not too scary. I do have a two year old after all. :) What do you think?