Thursday, July 22, 2010

Days 19 and 20

Had a migraine last night, hence another catch up post for 30 days of music.
Day 19 is a song from your favorite album. I have lots of favorites but one that gets played a lot is The Shade of Poison Trees by Dashboard Confessional. The song I picked from that album is Where There's Gold. It always gets stuck in my head and I'm singing it forever when it does. But that's ok....because it's a good song. :)

Day 20 is a song you listen to when angry. These days I don't ever find myself angry enough to need this kind of release. But, back in the drama filled days of late high school and early college this was a favorite of mine. I had a lot of things going on then that would build up until I couldn't take it anymore. I would crank it up as high as I could and ride down the road screaming the song at the top of my lungs. It was a really good release for me. I would use the song to get it all out. I actually still love the song, I just lead a much happier and calmer life now. Less need for screaming and such. :)

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