Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

 If you are a Facebook friend, you heard about this:

And you met our new friend, Dorothy.

 And then this morning you saw this post from my husband:
The inevitable occurred sometime during the night...Dorothy has died! Her life was a short one, but she touched the lives of many. She will be remembered most of all for her swimming behind a particular plant for the majority of the day. Indeed Dorothy will be missed, but she has gone to the big fish tank in the sky. RIP Dorothy.

It could have been the toll the fair took on her, the amount of time she spent in the bag, the temperature of the water, the new aquarium not being established, trying to adjust to a new home, or all of these combined that caused her early demise.
Justin was the poor soul that had to tell Reagan about it this morning.  He said, "Who would have ever thought telling a four-year-old her fish died would be so gut wrenching." :(

No worries, though.  This morning Justin took Reagan to a pet shop in a neighboring town and restocked the tank with some new friends.

Meet Rug, a male Platy.  Reagan named him Rug because "he's flat like a rug."  Whatever works, kid.

 Meet his wife, Dark, "because she has dark on her tail."  I pointed out that Rug is actually darker than she is, but four-year-olds don't care much for logic. 

Next we have Yellow (bottom) and Yellow 2 (top).  They are guppies and I think both are females.

 Neon Tetras Zing (top) and Zip (bottom), thusly named because they are so stinkin' fast.  It was hard to get a clear picture.  Zing is a bit smaller and has a more blueish streak, while Zip is larger and has a more turquoise streak.

And, finally, Red the Beta.  Reagan insists that his name is Red, but Justin and I call him Mr. Grumpfish.  Why?

 Here's why.

 He does NOT like any one who comes near his plant and quickly puffs out his head and chases them away.  Rug did get his revenge at one point by smacking Red in the face with his tail.

Reagan was very clear that she did not want more goldfish because she's already had Dorothy.  At first she wanted to name all the new fish Dorothy as well, but then decided there could only ever be one.  But, now we are back in a happy place.   

Is it weird that, after getting the new fishies settled in their new home, we had Tilapia for lunch? 

Also, this has nothing to do with fish, but it's cute. :)