Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's That Green Peeking Through?

While all of my Tennessee friends are covered in snow and still getting more, I spent Thursday afternoon outside working on one of my flower beds. It was in the upper 60s and gorgeous outside, so I took advantage before the cooler weather moved in. I have a bed that has lantana in it. It is a very drought and heat tolerant plant that gets huge in this bed every summer. I had yet to clean it out of the bed since it had died off. I knew the spring flowers would start coming up before too long so I needed to get all of the dead stuff out of the way. I went out and started cutting and clearing and found some little green things peeking through the mass of dead leaves...

That's right people...I already have flowers coming up here in Alabama!!! My tulips, hyacinths, and buttercups are already poking their little heads out of the ground. Soon we will have flowers! Whoo hoo!
In the mean time, here are some pics of some of my spring flowers from last year to hold us over!

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