Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reagan's First Playdate...Oh, and We Got a New Car!

Yesterday Reagan had her first playdate. Justin and I needed to take a trip to T-town (that's Tuscaloosa for all you non-Alabamians) and it would be a much easier trip to take without having her with us and needing to tend to her needs. So, we called one of the ladies from church, Linda Huckabee, who is always saying she would love to keep Reagan. Turns out her granddaughter, who is right around Reagan's age, was coming over in the afternoon also. We weren't there to witness the cuteness, but Mrs. Linda said they would just sit there staring and smiling at each other.

Now, as for the reason for the trip to Tuscaloosa...

We got a new car!!!!!

It's a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. Probably not what you were expecting for those of you who knew we were originally looking at the Ford Edge. We went specifically to go to the Ford dealership to look at an Edge Justin had been discussing with a salesman. But, we had also seen how highly rated the Santa Fe was and decided just to go check it out to have something to compare to the Edge. Neither of us expected to come home in one. We checked out a basic model, test drove it, then talked prices. Then we went over to the Ford dealership and did the same with a used Edge. Right away I noticed that I felt much more comfortable with the way the Santa Fe drove. We headed back to the Hyundai dealership to look at a Santa Fe that had comparable features to the Edge we were considering. We ended up buying the Santa Fe Limited. I love it! It has leather seats (heated in front), dual climate control, a sunroof, xm satellite radio for 3 months, a usb port for the ipod or a jump drive full of music, crumple zone in the front and the engine is made to go up under the car instead of into it if we have a front end collision ( you, babe :) ), 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, and a 10 year/100,000 powertrain warranty. It's midnight blue, but looks black unless it's in the sun. When it's in the sun you can see the sparkles of the dark blue. Justin wanted black, but they were out.
Isn't it pretty! Justin's already got his St. Louis Cardinals license plate on the front.

The interior is tan and black. As you can see, the seats are tan, but the carpet is black. That's gonna be great. I won't be so worried about dirty little shoes staining it! I love the wood grain in the front. Also, that cup holder in the front actually has a light on it at night. Just thought that was a cool little feature.

The back has plenty of leg room so adults can easily ride in the back as well.

I know this is kind of silly, but this is my favorite little feature. An extra storage compartment under the floor in the back! It's good for hiding things away and a little extra room for when we take long trips home.

I'm so excited! It drives so smoothly. I feel really blessed to have a car like this! Thanks to my hubby and his excellent credit for making it possible! :)

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