Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Celebrations: McCutchen Edition

Finally, I'm on my last Christmas update. I know every one's probably ready to know what's going on now and not what was going on weeks ago. :) On Christmas day we went to my mom's parents in Medina, TN. Everyone was actually there this time. With Justin, Reagan, and me being in Alabama, my cousin Erin being in NYC, and everyone else leading busy lives it's a feat to get us all in one place at one time. Reagan and Erin finally got to meet. Erin is my cousin who was born 10 days after me. I really miss her. Growing up I always felt like she was a sister that just lived in a different town. :) I really should keep in better touch. I'm horrible about not picking up the phone and calling people. Erin, expect a call sometime in the near future. :) Reagan is sitting in my lap and trying to take over this blog entry so I'd better go put her to bed. Here are a few pictures.
Reagan and Erin kickin' it

The whole fam

Grandaddy, I was actually able to get a picture without him making a face because he didn't know I was taking it. :)

Erin, Billy, and me...a recreation of a picture from when we were little.

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