Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Not-So-Good Ones

I stole this idea from my friend Katie. I always show you the cute pictures of Reagan. Recently there have been some pretty funny not-so-good ones, so I thought I would share those as well. Do enjoy. :)

More food. Less pictures!

She's always moving...there are more pictures like this than anything else. :)


I'm not sure what she's doing but it makes me giggle. :)

And finally...the one that makes me laugh hysterically and I can't stop laughing as long as I'm looking at it...

I was trying to take pictures of her watching Sesame Street. I think she got excited and turned to smile at me but I somehow caught this instead. I think it's pretty hilarious.


  1. Ha ha! that is too funny! I love the last one too! I'm inspired. Sorry, but I will soon copy this idea to. I love it!

  2. love it...I have the HARDEST time deleting any photos of liv...even the blurry bad ones!

  3. HA! I have been wanting to do a post like this too! I've been saving my ... uuhhhmm.... pictures for a while! SO Funny!

  4. That picture gave me a good laugh too!