Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Queen Takes a Milk Shower

Once upon a time, in the Kingdom of Paschall, there was a queen named Mommy and her her daughter, the princess, named Reagan. One morning, Queen Mommy was preparing Princess Reagan's breakfast. Queen Mommy poured some infant cereal into a bowl and retrieved the breast milk to mix with the cereal out of the Frigidaire. You may not know, but human milk separates because it is not homogenized. Queen Mommy grabbed the bottle and began to shake vigorously in order to combine it. All of a sudden, the top popped off the bottle and the Queen and royal kitchen were covered in milk. (Apparently she had not closed it properly the last time she used it.) Queen Mommy's arms were dripping wet. There was milk in her hair and all over her clothes. There were no royal servants near, so the Queen wiped off her self and the floor. She had managed to cover most of the kitchen floor with the milk. Meanwhile, Princess Reagan was getting impatient to be fed. Queen Mommy fed her, nursed her, and played with her until she was ready for her royal nap. Once Princess Reagan was tucked in, Queen Mommy went to the shower to wash her crusty hair and, since there were still no servants nearby, (wherever could they be?!) she mopped the sticky floor. Upon receiving word of the incident, King Daddy expressed his regret for not being present to laugh hysterically. They all lived happily ever after, knowing there would be plenty more adventures like this one to come.


  1. Oh dear! I'm thinking your servants are probably off with mine. I just had to unload and reload the dishwasher all by myself. Seriously. What's up with that??

    I'm sure if Reagan had been a little older and not desperately hungry, she'd have laughed at you for Justin! Haha!

  2. Oh no! I would've been so mad that my milk went to waste!!