Friday, February 19, 2010

Let's Go Lady Vols!

Last night we went to Tuscaloosa to watch the Lady Vols play Alabama. If you don't know I'm a big Lady Vols fan. We had a great time taking Reagan to her first game! First, we went out to eat at Chili's. The game was actually a "pink zone" game. It's something women's basketball in generally, but especially the NCAA, has been doing to help raise awareness and money for breast cancer research. They gave out pink t-shirts and pink ribbons and had other give aways the whole game.

Justin made this sign to try to get Pat Summitt to kiss Reagan. When I say made I mean he designed it on the computer, printed it out, blew it up on the projector and colored it all in by hand. He worked on it forever and surprised me with it when he got home. He's so sweet! We ended up not even ever holding it up because the Lady Vols played horribly(but still won) so she was pretty mad. We did meet some family member or something of hers. It was a girl probably in her 20s that was sitting in the folding chairs behind the players and coaches. She had been looking at Reagan all night and had told me she thought she was so cute. After the game she asked if she could have her picture made with Reagan. We obliged. She was really nice, whoever she was. Justin mentioned that we had brought the sign to try to get Coach Summitt to come over. She said that if Coach Summitt weren't in such a bad mood she would have gone and gotten her for us. So close!!! Yet so far away. :( Maybe I'll get to meet her one day.
Getting amped up before the game.

Tellin'em about it.

It was a late game (didn't start until 8) so during the second half Reagan passed out for a while.

Final score...should have been much better than that. Like I said, they did not play well at all.

We had great seats behind the Lady Vols bench. We were on the third row and on the side the tv cameras shot all night. There weren't ever any close ups of us but every time they followed the ball down the court you could see us...but only if you knew where to look and what we were wearing :) There was a shot a little closer of us.

If you look up from the water bottle, you will see me in a blue shirt. Justin is to the left holding Reagan, but you can't see her because someone was sitting in front of Justin. Here it is a little closer, but you can't tell at all that it's us. :)

I was feeling better yesterday. But as the night went on I got worse again. Not feeling good today and now Justin is sick too. Today was Reagan's 6 month check up. Justin took her and let me stay home to rest. The doctor said she just has a viral cold or something and she should be fine in a few days. She is now 15 pounds and 25 inches! She is getting so big. tear.

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  1. Great pictures, looks like the Paschalls had a great time! Justin's sign is awesome!