Wednesday, December 2, 2009

6 Days, 1400 Miles, Lots of Family and Friends

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! So sorry it has been so long, but I've been super busy. We went home (that's Tennessee in case you don't know) the 24th through the 29th for Thanksgiving. As noted in the title we traveled over 1400 miles in 6 days! Whew! We were all sick of the car when we got home, including Reagan. Here's a breakdown of how the trip went. I encourage you to pull up a map of middle and west TN so you can appreciate the driving around we did. We left Tuesday the 24th and drove to Yorkville, TN where my mom lives. Wednesday we just hung out there and then drove over to Kenton to go to church with Justin's dad, then came back to Mom's. Thursday we drove from Yorkville to Medina to my Mom's parents for lunch. Then we met Justin's dad in Jackson and drove to West Memphis, Arkansas for his family get together. When we have it there we do it at the Pizza Inn where Justin's cousin is the manager. They just load the buffet up with the turkey and dressing and other food that everyone brings! It's pretty funny. We drove back to Yorkville again that night. Friday we drove to Smyrna (near Nashville) for my Dad's side of the family's gathering. There we have a new tradition that started about three years ago. We go eat at a restaurant called the Omni Hut. It's Hawaiian...and VERY good. Then we go over to my Aunt Beth's to eat desert and hang out. We spent the night with my grandparents. Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Alamo for my best friend from high school Tristan's baby shower. I was so glad they had a shower for her then because she lives in Texas now and Thanksgiving is pretty much the only time we are both in Tennessee at the same time! Justin got some mini burgers at Dairy Queen(there isn't one anywhere near us here) and then took a nap in the car while Reagan and I were at the shower. :) After that went by my dad's house in Maury City, and then on to Memphis where we stayed with Justin's Aunt Brenda. Sunday morning Justin preached at Woodland Hills, where we attended while Justin was in Memphis School of Preaching. After services we ate at Aunt Brenda's then drove home. We got back to Demopolis at about 6:15 and went straight to the church building (late) for services here. Are you tired? Cause we sure were! :) But we were so happy to get to see so many family and friends!

Picture time!

Meeting Uncle Robby

In our Thanksgiving bib

Talking to Aunt Kelia...imagine that! Kelia talking :)

Gran Gran and Pops with all the grand children and great grand children

Reagan and I with my dad and brothers

With Tristan at her baby shower

Sacked out in the car on the way back to Alabama

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