Sunday, November 15, 2009

Visits, Wreaths, and Toe Touches, Oh My!

Thursday we had a visit from some good friends that we haven't seen since we left Memphis. Kyle and Kellee Gilpin (and, yes, Kyle is the son of THE Eddie Gilpin ;) ) came to Demopolis while they were in Tuscaloosa visiting family. We went out to eat and hung out for a while. It was so good to see them! I miss having all my "preacher wife" friends near me! I really think they are the only ones that completely understand what my life is like because they are living it too. I hope we get to see them again soon!

Over the past week I have been working on Christmas wreaths for my front doors. I finally got them done. This was my first attempt at bows and I thought they turned out pretty well. My mom taught me how to make them when she was down last weekend. She is really good at making them.

This week Reagan also learned a new trick! She found her feet! It seems like she's learning something new every day. She's also been chewing on stuff a lot. A toy, my hand, it doesn't matter, whatever's in front of her is going to get chewed on! :) She's also started drooling. Does this mean the teething is coming soon? I don't look forward to that!

Here is my sweet girl in one of her outfits from my Gran Gran. We took this some time after church services today. She's such a happy baby! Unless she's tired then it's a whole other story...not even three months yet and already fighting sleep!

I love this sweet face!


  1. "and, yes, Kyle is the son of THE Eddie Gilpin"

    HAHA! The first thing I ever said to Kyle (by prompting from Carl) was: Are you the son of Eddie Gilpin?!

    - LOVE the wreaths!

    - Sounds like teething IS on the way!

    - She is SOOO CUTE!