Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shopping Day!

Mom came in this weekend(surprise, surprise :) ) and we went shopping Saturday. I haven't been shopping since before Reagan was born so I was VERY excited. Even if I can't get anything I always have fun looking at everything, but it's much more fun to be able to get stuff! :) Justin was so sweet to watch Reagan while we went out and had fun. Of course, he hates to go shopping with Mom and me. I can't imagine why! ;)

Mom bought my Christmas gift early. It's a 7 1/2 foot pre-lit Christmas tree! Yay! Trees were 40% off this week so Mom could get it as my gift this year. I told her as expensive as they are it could be for Christmas and my birthday!

I have a tree already, but I'm passing it down to Justin, Reagan, and any future kiddos to use as the "hodgepodge" tree as Justin calls it. You know, the fun, anything goes kind of tree with popcorn garlands, construction paper chains, homemade ornaments, and anything else we feel like putting on it. My pre-lit will be the "pretty" tree. Usually I do blues and silver on the pretty tree, but this year we're switching it up with red, bright gree, and gold ornaments. I love decorating for Christmas! I'm already getting excited and it's not even Halloween yet. We found a new store in Northport call Home Accents. It's kind of like Trees'n'Trends. Mom and I were very excited with our discovery. I'm sure Justin is just as thrilled that Mom found me a new place to want to spend money! :)

Justin also did some shuffling around of funds so that I could get myself some clothes that fit. It's really hard to feel good about yourself when you can't wear anything you feel you look good in. I'm so sick of wearing the same shirts over and over(most of which are maternity) because my belly and hips are too big to fit into my pre-preggo stuff yet. I'm not even sure they'll fit after I loose some weight because as long as I'm nursing Reagan there is a whole other issue all of you moms understand. ;) He issued me a limit of $40. I thought, "I can work with that." I chose Old Navy because they've been running some good sales and I can usually find stuff I like there. With my $40 I got 5 shirts!!! Technically they were $42.51 including tax. I was SO proud of myself! Three of them were $8 and the others were 2 for $15. They hide the belly so I'm not self-conscious and trying to suck in so much, because really, how comfortable is walking around trying to hold the belly perfectly sucked in? I think they're really cute! What do you think? Did I do good or did I do good? :)


  1. I am so glad you took some time for Micah instead of running like crazy for everybody else (trust me I know how hard that is to do). I sure hope I can get close enough to the people I love to have some "me time" with friends and family. Love You and I do love the shirts and I totally have the same problem with my tree (notice the "my").

  2. Micah, I like the shirts. I too have been wanting a pre-lit tree. Where did you find them 40% off? Was it at Home Accents? Love you and miss you.

  3. Micah those are GREAT shirts - and I know exactly how you feel ... and I'm nearly 9 months later feeling so self conscious because it is so hard getting rid of the baby weight, even with breast feeding! Good job finding 5 for that little amount!! I may have to talk Carl into that one .... ;D

  4. Kate, it came from Hobby Lobby. They were on sale this past week. You can go on their web site and sign up for their weekly email. They'll send you the sale flyer and a coupon. The trees will probably go on sale again in a couple of weeks or so.

  5. looks like I need to head to Old Navy! I'm in the same boat as you with postpartum wardrobe blues and wondering how in the world to go shopping with a baby! Maybe I can leave her with her daddy one night and try to find me some new clothes!