Sunday, October 18, 2009

Marathon Month

This month has been pretty busy. So far we've had our cookout on the 3rd, my dad and step mom visited that same weekend, Mom visited last weekend, and this weekend Justin's dad, aunt, and cousin were here.
This week is a crazy week. Tomorrow is Reagan's 2 month check-up, Thursday we have a dinner and devo for the high school football team , Justin's mom and one of his sister's will be here next weekend, and Saturday night we are having a Halloween party at the house for the teens and 20 somethings.
The weekend of Halloween we actually don't have any visitors but there may be a big cook-out, hayride, general fall fun type of deal at a member from church's house. I'm tired just thinking about it all! Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I have to be a mom and a wife too! :)
Justin is excited for worship tonight because we have someone coming in to do a report on a work in Jamaica that the congregation supports so he actually gets to sit with Reagan and I through the whole service and just listen. He loves to be behind that pulpit but also enjoys just getting to listen every once in a while.
I guess I'd better go do some laundry before we run out of clothes! :)

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