Monday, August 10, 2009

A Thought

Tomorrow I will hopefully be updating with an induction date for later this week. Yay! Thinking about Reagan's upcoming appearance to the world, I thought about what I would miss about being pregnant. Hmm...the backache I've had for the last nine months, waddling everywhere I go, getting up to pee every hour during the night and every 15 minutes during the day, indigestion, not being able to have my normal Mt. Dew binges, not so much. What I will miss SOOOOO much is getting to feel Reagan moving around in my belly. She will be in my arms but I think I will miss her in a way because she's not in my belly. Now I have to share and who likes sharing. :) Justin told me one day that he's just ready to get to hold her because I've been holding her for the last nine months and now it's his turn. I think he and my mother will be fighting it out over who gets to change her diapers just so they can hold her. :) Fine with me, I'll sit out of diaper duty.

I'm really hoping that they will be able to induce me this week! I am sooo ready. Unfortunately, my doctor is on vacation so I will have to see another doctor in the practice tomorrow and, I imagine, be delivered by whoever is on call. At this point I don't care who catches her. We just want to meet her already!

While waiting for Reagan's debut I've read a few books. A couple of book suggestions for Christian mothers. No Greater Joy by Sheila Butt and Parenting is Rocket Science by Beth Brown. If you know any other good books for mothers let me know!


  1. I am reading No Greater Joy. How'd you like it?

    I know how you feel. The only things I miss about pregnancy is feeling Ben move around, having an excuse for eating so much, and having an excuse for not being able to fit in anything like I used to.

    I hope everything goes well for you scheduling the induction! Hopefully they won't have you come in at 4AM like they had us. Aaah! Haha.


  2. I loved No Greater Joy. I love Sheila Butt and wish she would write some more books. Seeking Spiritual Beauty is another good one by her. I got to meet her and spend some time with her a couple of summers ago when I went to camp with the group from Woodland Hills in Memphis. She is a wonderful person.