Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now Featuring: Random Ramblings

So, I thought I would take a minute to explain why I started this blog and what kind of things you can expect to see from me on here.
Sometimes I just feel like I need to get my thoughts out of me and keeping a journal is kind of annoying to me for some reason. I thought this would be a good alternate place for my random rambling. Somewhere I can go to "talk out" my thoughts. I also thought it would be a good way to keep family updated, though most of my family is on facebook or stalks it through other people's profiles. :) So I'll be posting some of our daily goings on and such. I'm sure there will be plenty about being a new mommy and all the cute things Reagan does.
I also wanted a place to share the things I'm interested in. Beware, you will be seeing things I've crocheted or crafted in some other way. I like to craft. Sometimes you just get the need to create something. I also like to take pictures but haven't studied photography. I would love to learn more about doing it well so if anyone has any suggestions on books or anything to try let me know. I will also be passing on recipes that I love. Cooking is something else I enjoy.
I also wanted a place to talk about biblical things, what I'm currently studying, post articles Justin writes, that kind of thing.
As you can see, there's no telling what you will be finding on here at any given time. Hopefully you will enjoy it if not get something from it. Enjoy my rambling. :)

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  1. Looking forward to your posts. It was so good to see you at camp. You guys will be amazing parents! C'mon, Reagan, outta there!