Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello World

Well, I'm a blogger now. This should be interesting...

I am currently pregnant with my first child, but not for long. As of tomorrow I am officially "due." If my child continues to be as stubborn as her parents hopefully we will have an induction scheduled by the end of the week. It almost doesn't seem real, as if I'll never actually give birth and become a parent. I'm ready for it, but it is an unknown and I don't do well with unknowns. I'm a planner, thanks Mom.
You would think I would be most nervous about the whole pushing the kid out thing...but no. I'm such a wuss that what I'm most afraid of is having the stupid IV needle in my hand the whole time. I won't be able to look at my hand for however many hours it's in there. One look at a needle stuck in my skin and I loose it.
The ONE and ONLY time in my life I have given blood I sobbed like a baby because I looked at the needle. My poor husband, who was my boyfriend at the time, talked me into giving blood. He gave all the time as does my mother who works as a donor recruiter at a blood bank. One of my brothers had to receive several units of blood after an accident so I know the importance of donating. It's something I support others doing, just not a fan myself. After he watched me fall apart he vowed never to ask me to do it again.
I'm hoping she comes before the induction. I'm rather uncomfortable and probably moody these days. I know she will come when she comes but...
Reagan, this is your official eviction notice: get out!


  1. 1. Yay you blog!!
    2. Pushing isn't too bad!
    3. The IV needle doesn't stay in! That would be painful! It's a tube... which isn't much better. But still!
    4. I was afraid of needles until my stay at the hospital with Ben. I was stuck so often, I got used to it. I hope you don't have to get used to it!

    <3 - Kristen J

  2. God made women to give birth. It happens all the time. What's the statistic? 1 every second or something like that.
    You can do this!!! ;)
    Hurry up Reagan!
    Oh, and Micah you could always drink some castor oil or something. Haha! ;)

  3. I was exactly the same way with Jacob, I was much more afraid of the needles than the actual birth. I think at the end you are so uncomfortable, that you are willing to try anything to get that baby out! Don't fret, it will be soon. Good Luck and I am so excited for y'all!