Wednesday, August 12, 2009


First a quick update...I am scheduled to be induced Monday...Yay!!!

The other night I was having trouble getting to sleep so I got up and puttered around on the computer for a while. Our keyboard is on one of those roll out drawer type deals. To scoot up close to the desk you have to leave part of the drawer rolled back and usually the mouse is under the top of the desk where you can't see it. I was sitting here with my hand on the mouse where I can't see it clicking away and I felt something on my hand. I figured it was the mouse cord which sometimes gets caught up on the pull out thing...

Then whatever was on my hand moved...

I knew immediately what it was. I shook my hand and jumped as far away from the computer as I could. Sure enough, when I looked under there I could see my arch nemesis...a cockroach. BLECH! I'm not talking a little roach. I'm talking a big Alabama hopped up on steroids roach. Shiver. We get our house sprayed every three months or so but when you live in Alabama there's nothing you can do to keep these huge nasty things from coming in your house. When you walk outside at night and turn a light on you see them run in every direction. They are seriously about two inches long. They also fly... :/
Well, it ran and I couldn't find it so I stayed as far away from the desk as I could and got off the computer. There was no way I was sitting at this desk while a roach was stalking me. As I was trying to get everything closed it ran up the side of the desk. I made awful noises as I tried to smash it with a shoe. I only was able to get a whack on it before it hid again. I hope his injuries were fatal and he is dead now. I'm surprised I didn't wake Justin up because I can't deal with roaches with out involuntarily screaming and making awful noises. Normally I won't smash them. I make Justin do it. :)
I think the roach came after me because I had a jar of peanut butter open on top of the desk...midnight snack. I won't be doing that again.

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  1. I am surprised that didn't make you have Reagan right there LOL!!!