Monday, April 12, 2010

Justin Wrote a Sermon About What?!

Yesterday morning we were sitting in class about to start, when someone asked Justin if he had seen the title to his sermon on the handout...

That's says "Great Thongs He Has Done."


Justin and I agreed that this was, by far, his best typo ever. One member asked him if his fingers were too short to reach he "i" key...hehe. In fact, the title was "Great THINGS He Has Done."

Also, Reagan's hair is most definitely curly. This is what it looked like after she had been sleeping in her room with the humidifier going. (she's been all snotty from sinus stuff)



    The thong that is used to mark a place in my Bible is a great one.

    The thongs I wear on my feet are great too.

    The thongs at the beach...the devil made those.