Saturday, September 29, 2012

Allow Me to Shed a Little Light...

So, last night we went to Lowe's in search of a piece for our light fixtures over one half of our living room.  Our house was built in 1971 and I'm pretty sure the fixtures were put in then.  They were recessed lights.  The glass and metal part on the ceiling were held up by these little springs.  They keep breaking...  We searched all over with the help of an associate and couldn't find any.  He tried to contact a company that carries them for us, but it was past the end of the work day so he would have to wait until Monday and then give us a call to let us know if they could order them for us.  Well, a midst all this looking and calling I was perusing the ceiling mounted fixtures near by.  Justin started looking with me too and finally decided maybe we should just change them out.  The problem was there would be gigantic holes in the ceiling where they were recessed.  There weren't any fixtures we liked that would cover the holes, but we noticed the medallions normally used around fans and chandeliers.  They were big enough to completely cover the holes so we wouldn't have to do any patch work on the ceiling.  One of the fixtures I liked worked perfectly with the medallions  Yippee!  Justin spent half the day today crawling around the attic and installing the lights.  

I love him. :)  

So on to the fun part.  Here is the before with circa 1971 recessed lighting.

The bottom one shows the big hole with the cover off.

And here is what we have now!


They are perfect for this house.  They kind of look like they could have come from the 70's but they are still modern.  Bonus:  The drum shades very closely match the shades I have on my lamps.  I love the medallions too.  They are kind of an update on the traditional look they usually have.  Every time I walk into the living room I stop and stare at them.  

Again, I LOVE THEM!!!

And I love my wonderful husband for all his hard work to install them for me.  He'd have been just fine keeping the old ones forever.  But he loves me, so he changed them. :)

What do you think of them?