Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thank You, God.

I have been thanking God all night.  Things could have been really bad, but thankfully, they are not.
Justin's family got together today to swim and have a cookout.  We were having a great time.  Reagan and I were swimming in the pool with several others.  She wanted to go down the slide again so I was waiting at the bottom to catch her.  She's still not very fond of going all the way under water.  As she climbed the ladder I thought, "It's kind of slick.  Maybe I should be behind her just in case."  She climbed to the top and then decided she was too scared to go.  This was the second time she'd done this so I told her she had to either slide or climb back down and she wouldn't be going up it again.  As she was trying to climb down she slipped and fell.  I couldn't see it happen because the ladder part is solid and I was down in the pool.  But I heard a sickening thud and then her screaming.  I swam to the side as fast as I could and kept slipping trying to climb out.  I was yelling that I was coming as others were running to her side.  I wasn't sure how far she had fallen, but it was at least a few feet.  When I got to her I expected to see her busted up pretty badly and bleeding a lot or with broken bones.  Thankfully, SO THANKFULLY, that's not what I found.  She was hurting alright, but she only had a small scratch on her ankle, a scrape on her head, a knot starting to form on the back of her head, and said the whole side she landed on and her head were hurting.  She complained later of her hand hurting where we figure she tried to catch herself and it looks like she may have hit her back as well.  The scrape on her head seems to be the only thing still bothering her.  I just sat there on the ground holding her.  I felt so guilty for not standing behind her or having someone else do it while I caught her.  I know I can't blame myself, and kids get hurt all the time, but it was so scary.  I am so, SO thankful to God that she wasn't injured badly.  I was also thankful there was a nurse there to help us check her out, give her Motrin, get ice on her head, and assure us she was fine.  So, again, thank you, God.

"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!  For His mercy endures forever." Psalm 107:1

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