Sunday, October 24, 2010


So...we are moving back to Tennessee! Justin made the (tearful) announcement to the congregation here this morning. December 19th will be our last Sunday here and we will be moving on the 20th. He has accepted a position at the Ripley church of Christ. We are so excited for this new opportunity to work with a great congregation and get closer to family. We will only be 20 minutes to an hour from all of our parents! Needless to say all of Reagan's grandparents are VERY excited to get to see her more often.
We are also sad though, because this means we will have to leave the WONDERFUL people here in Demopolis. We are going to miss them terribly. Justin says if we could just pick Demopolis up and move it to west TN we would. We've grown close to many people here and hate to move away from them. We have definitely made some lifelong friendships.
Now we have 8 weeks...8 WEEKS! pack everything, buy a house, and get everything set up in Ripley. I will probably start the packing stuff we won't be needing tomorrow. lol I just need to get going so I don't stress too much. Plus now I probably have carpal tunnel syndrome so I'll have to take lots of brakes for my wrists. (I go Tuesday to find out for sure). We are going to look at houses Friday so we can go ahead and find what we want and make an offer. I know the whole house buying process can stretch out for a while so we want to jump on it quickly. Also, this means no decorating for Christmas this year. :( But I think it's worth the trade off. :)
This is something we prayed, thought, and talked a lot about. We definitely feel it's the right move for our family. And for some reason I feel the need to break out in Tennessee by Arrested Development. "Past Dyersburg, into Ripley..." :)


  1. I will have to bring Grayson by for a playdate once you get settled. I go to Ripley about once a week to see a couple of clients. :)

    So happy for you guys to be moving back!!

  2. Hey Micah!! Glad to hear you will be back in Tennessee. God Bless You all and Good Luck.

  3. Congrats! I know how that moving at Christmas goes, we did that last year. We will have to get together some next year (not that far away) We are about 20 minutes west of Nashville on 40! Good Luck!!!