Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Month Older: 9 Months

Reagan is 9 months old today! She's as many months old as it took her to grow in my belly...that's hard to believe.

This month we decided it would be fun to pull all the tissues out of the box.

She is just soooo cute!

She thinks it's fun to sit on Daddy. :)

This month she also got stuck under her stroller and, yes, I left her there to go get the camera and take pictures! :)

She also likes to look out the window.

She got her front two bottom teeth this month!

She is such a silly girl. She thinks just about everything is funny. She's so lovable and will go to just about anyone. But, recently she has gotten a little more clingy. Today when Justin had to leave to go back to the office after lunch he gave her to me. She screamed and reached out for him! It feels good to be wanted but I know it broke his heart to leave her too. I know I'm forgetting half of what I wanted to put on here but I'm tired. Mommy needs her bedtime! :)

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