Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a big weekend here. My mom and grandmom came to visit. It was the first time my grandmom got to see Reagan. Also Tim and Flora Hayes came in for our gospel meeting. We had them over Saturday night. It's always great to see friends! I finally got to go back to church services! Yay! It was so good to be back there. Of course then I missed Sunday night because it turns out I overdid it in the days before cleaning house, cooking, and whatnot. Sunday afternoon I was hurting again and was really tired. Justin told me he'd take Reagan and sent me for a nap. I ended up sleeping for almost 4 hours. I didn't wake up until he came into the bedroom to change for evening services. He had fed Reagan with some frozen breast milk so I could keep sleeping and took her with him to services to let me rest a little longer. He really is the best husband a girl could ask for. I've been taking it easy since Sunday and was able to go back to services last night. I guess I'm ready to get back to semi-normal but my body's still not. Here are some pictures of the fun!Looks like Reagan will be a tennis player like her mommy. Here she is watching Venus and Serena Williams play doubles at the US Open. :)

Mommy's first blowout. She'd given Daddy a couple but decided to share the wealth with Mommy this time. Luckily Daddy was home to help with the cleanup. Of course she did it while I had a white onesie on her. :)

Four generations.

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