Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Already Been a Month?

My baby girl is one month old today! Has it really been a month already? I can't believe it. The other day Justin was talking about how one day she will be grown up and getting married and having a family of her own. I told him I can't even think about that right now because it will make my cry. I'm trying to take it all in and enjoy it as much as possible because I know it will all fly by.

On a completely unrelated note, I found out today that my mom is going to the beach at the end of next week and she's invited us to come stay with them Thursday and Friday nights. Woo hoo!!! I LOVE the beach. I think it's one of God's most beautiful creations. The bonus is that they are staying in Destin, FL, so Justin and I can finally go together back to the beach where we were married. We haven't been there since that day so that will be really fun. It also gives us a great chance for some beautiful family pics. Photos on the beach are so pretty, especially in Destin where the water is SO turquoise and beautiful.

Uh oh, baby crying. Better go!

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  1. I never realized how fast time goes by until my kiddos were born. You are thinking "has it already been a month" and I am thinking "has it already been 8 years!"