Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wonderful Ladies, Wonderful Husband

Saturday night the Ripley church of Christ had our monthly Ladies' Night Out. We had a great time eating and fellowshipping and had a great devo by Mrs. Ann. Thanks to her for hosting! I always love spending time with my fellow members of the church, but especially the ladies. It's always so much fun. But, this night was special to me for another reason. I got to experience something I wish all preacher's wives could. I got to sit and listen to a room full of women saying wonderful things about my husband. They talked about what a wonderful preacher he is. How he explains things plainly and connects verses in a logical way. How he has helped them to see that you can understand the Bible. It's all there in the text. They also talked about how sweet and loving he is. He's not afraid to show affection or say publicly that he loves me. How he's just so warm. How he helps with Reagan. Of course, I already know how great he is, but it's nice to hear others say it as well. And to know that your husband is appreciated. I love him. :)


  1. I love it when they say nice things about Chris. I feel like I'm so unworthy when they do.

  2. so sweet! and i adore this picture!