Monday, June 21, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

In case you can't remember this is what my flower beds looked like earlier this year. Here's what they look like now.

zinnia's coming up

I will do another post to let you see how huge the plants around the deck get towards the end of the summer.

I don't know if I'd mentioned it on here before, but I know I have on Facebook. We have a big problem in the front bed with poison ivy. We didn't even realize it until last summer. I was all huge and pregnant and couldn't deal with weeding in 100 degrees so shortly before Reagan was born Justin decided he would weed the beds for me. The next day he was covered in poison ivy. He had to wear long sleeved shirts and be careful how he touched her when she was born because he still had it when Reagan was born. Now he won't even get too close to that bed. Earlier this year I tried digging it up and spraying round up in the hole. No luck with that. Some of the poison ivy was growing through the lime stone that sits not too far below the surface here. There was no way I could get all the roots so it came back. This time I tried the round up that is specially made for poison ivy and got these results...

Success! I had to use a newspaper to shield the plants around it and it took a couple of weeks, but it definitely worked. No more poison ivy! Well, at least not for now. We'll see whether or not it comes back.

Today we started VBS and I will definitely get some pictures and such up in the next couple of days. VBS is the kickoff to what Justin and I are calling our summer marathon. VBS this week, camp next week, Justin goes to Jamaica the next 10 days after that for a mission trip, a couple of normal weeks, vacation to St. Louis for a Cardinals game and to TN, Reagan's bday party while we're there with family, the next week still in TN for a gospel meeting Justin's doing, a couple of normal weeks, possibly just the two of us going on a trip for our 5th anniversary the first full week of September (possibly Disney if we can get the money saved up), and a gospel meeting the next week here in Demopolis. It keeps going. Last Saturday in Sept. Justin's speaking at a youth day, 1st Saturday in October we have our annual cookout at the house, Justin's sister gets married the next weekend, then at some point we will have a Halloween party over here at the house. As much as we have going on the next few months will fly by...except for the 10 days Justin is in another country without us. :( Hopefully mom is coming to visit during that time so we won't get too lonely. We're going to be so busy but also having so much fun and hopefully doing some good for the Lord's church as well. It's going to be a great summer!

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